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Keepin’ Up To Date on Digital Media Channels

If you’re an advertiser, odds are you watch the news on digital media channels like a hawk. If not, it’s time to put on your advertising binoculars and start!

Since our careers rest on the shoulders of the channels we advertise on, we must be on the constant lookout for changes on the platforms we use most. For example, it seems like social media are being updated every moment. Have you noticed the new Instagram layout? It’s extremely important to keep an eye out for recent changes because we are the professionals of media — so when we aren’t aware of a new feature or issue, we miss out on the opportunity to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

How Do I Stay Up-To-Date?

Staying on top of the digital channels game can be difficult unless you’re integrating your personal and professional media habits. Once I had a discussion with a friend who recently snagged a great job while clashing with the COVID19 pandemic. He told me that to succeed, one has to bridge the divide between their “fun” social media and professional accounts. He encouraged me to make an account strictly for business, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram, and start following leaders in the industry, accounts for the platforms we use, and peers. Then, keep notifications on and watch as important news flow in. This is a wonderful way to stay in the know of important happenings in digital media channels and the industry as a whole.

Need more suggestions on how to make sure you’re getting all the news all the time? Try to locate some expert opinion blogs, take some courses, or subscribe to an online special interest magazine or two!

No matter where you get your information, staying informed is a great way to maintain an edge over the competition and ensure the content you produce is best optimized for the channels you choose. You wouldn’t want someone living under a rock to advertise YOUR products — so why would your clients?


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