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UX: Is It Important for Advertisers?

In a world where digital noise is as prevalent as ever, how can you make sure your advertising messages are heard? One way is to invest in good UX Design.

What is UX?

UX Design is the process of streamlining interactions between users and products or services. Enhancing this experience is key to driving more traffic to key pages on websites, clicks on advertisements, and inevitably leading users where they want to land.

Accessibility is the heart of UX. The easiest way to lose a potential customer’s attention is to clutter the path to their desired destination, whether that be on a website or an ad. Clutter isn’t only tied to the placement of items on a webpage, it also considers the copy and its logical flow. Murky, complicated copy, low accessibility, and slow site loading are just some of the factors that can drive traffic away from hosting sites, and by association, away from your advertisements.

Think of it this way, would you want your ads on a slow site or platform? Probably not.

Did you know that slow-loading websites cost retailers 2.6 billion dollars in lost sales each year? That is a problem inexplicably tied to bad UX. So now that we’ve established an example of the bad, what are some good examples, and why is this important to advertisers?

Why UX in Advertising?

As I mentioned before, UX on the websites you are hosting your ads on is extremely important in determining their effectiveness. This also applies to apps and services, such as Waze; a navigation app with banner advertisements that are strategically positioned with listed miles from an advertised location. The location of these ads is perfect for the layout of the app — they do not distract from the route and usually only pop in when the car is not in motion. This is a good example of UX design for advertising.

While ad positions are important, UX Design can also translate to an advertisement itself. Eye-tracking research gives us an idea of what elements of ads or websites pique our interest first, so in good creative, advertisers should focus on incorporating elements that lead our eyes, then lead our brains with the organization of logical, chronological information.

If your advertising strategy focuses on digital media, then it should focus on good UX design as well.

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