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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Paid Search

You see these ads every day — when you Google something and scroll through the results, when you (accidentally) hit an advertisement when you meant to click the result below, or even when you do hit the correct result…which turns out to be an ad.

The point is, search ads are a token of everyday life for millions of people who utilize them to discover products and services they may not have priorly considered. Not only are search ads common, but they can easily guide your target through the customer journey no matter where they may be stuck.

First, let’s review the traditional customer journey.

The Customer Journey

There is a lot of noise that can disrupt this journey, but nonetheless, it is an important decision-making process consumers embark on regarding products and services. The traditional journey has three steps, but

  1. Awareness: At this point in the journey, the customer is aware of a problem that YOU can fix. This is where your audience becomes aware of you, such as through the infamous, aforementioned search ads.
  2. Consideration: Your audience knows you exist and has started heavily researching your brand and the competitors. Your product benefits are now being compared to those of your competitors as the potential customer considers the best solution to their problem. Psst, this is another step that search ads can help out with! Say the customer sees a search ad for your product while conducting their research. Your product is exactly what they searched for, and now it’s among the options to be explored.
  3. Buying Moment: Congratulations, your brand won! *cue the confetti.* At this moment in the journey, the customer has decided to buy from your brand based on all of their prior research. Or, perhaps they have decided to complete a desired action. Nonetheless, the buying decision is also influenced by search ads; especially search ads with landing pages highlighting the desired action (purchase, filling a form, etc.)

So Why Do Search Ads Work?

They work because they simply direct people towards what they are already looking for while also introducing them to similar items. By broadening the audience’s options, search ads are increasing the likelihood of your brand’s products being discovered, considered, and purchased. Furthermore, search ads work at each stage of the customer journey. What’s not to love?



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